Excellent Brick And Stone Cleaning Methods


The type of bricks and stones may influence the cleaning method as much as the hardness of the brick and stones does. Bricks are not only of different colors but also different hardiness and textures. Though it may be easy to rent a pressure washer and clean the facade of a building or house yourself, it also may be easier to damage the brick. Too high of water pressure can damage the mortar of the brick and cause impact damage if the brick is under baked.

Did you know many times a house will have bricks of varying degrees of hardness and colors? Because these bricks and stones are different in their makeup, they also have different sensitivities to chemicals and abrasive cleaning processes. Are you working with a glazed or unglazed brick? Did you know glazed bricks are sensitive to hydrofluoric acid-based cleaners and harsh cleaning methods? If you are not certain precisely how your stone or brick surface will react to cleaners, read on. Reasons why excellent brick and stone cleaning methods are needed

Excessive Joint Work

Sometimes, brickwork can contain joint work. This is particularly the case of pre-1900 brick surfaces. As high as 30% of the walls can require a pro clean the block and the surface of the mortar. This is why it may be better to seek the skills of a trained professional.

Etching Brickfygryrry

Even if you are cleaning with water only, did you know some softer brick may not tolerate abrasive cleaning. The water nozzles can help control the water flow and keep softer brick from becoming too wet and crumbling. However, high water pressure may be needed to clean soiled brick, above 150 psi. An expert can handle this task without damaging the brick.

The slurry Mixture On Bricks?

You might want to leave this up to a professional, as the ingredients in some slurry mixtures can react with the materials in brick or crown molding. Did you know some crown molding used in brick buildings is made of lime? A slurry mixture may etch and scratch the frame. It could also cause irreplaceable damage.

Using Only Water

dgfcvgvgWhy call professional, even if only water is being used to clean bricks or stone facade? A pro has the knowledge about how to remove stains without ruining brick facing. Did you know that even the water spray from a nozzle may damage the mason work between bricks? Softer bricks can crumble when high-pressured water hits the surface of the block.