The oldest house in Polk County, TN, the nearly 200-year-old Pinhook Plantation House has a varied and somewhat mysterious history. It is believed to have been built In 1810 by the Alexander family who settled Ashville, NC.

The Plantation was originally 641 acres, and the house itself was built high on a hill overlooking the Hiwassee River where the river makes a huge bend. It has been an inn to shelter farmers when they brought their livestock and crops to a barge at the river just below the house. There was a ballroom at one time, and a duel was fought over a lady, during a ball. The original kitchen building unfortunately, was torn down during remodeling decades ago. There is one small original log building still on the property.

The House was occupied by both Confederate & and later Union Officers during the Civil War. It was the perfect vantage point to see anything that moved along the river, the pastures and Cherokee Mountains for great distances. The views are still spectacular today.

Three of the original four fireplaces now equipped with gas logs, were uncovered during the current renovation, started in 2001. They are constructed of are original hand-made brick. The original exterior was constructed with the same brick, three layers thick. Heart pine floors with square nails were uncovered when the old carpet was removed, The winding stairway is constructed with both round and square pegs. It's amazingly solid for its age. The front doors are original, with iridescent glass above. The hardware to hold the board to batten the doors is still in place.

Imagine all the history, from day-to-day happenings like building a fire in the fireplace, to celebrations like weddings, which makes the Pinhook Plantation House a charming place to visit.

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