Light Lamps


Lamps not only light up your room, but they also add to your home décor. For your house to look great, you need to install the right lamps. Here is a guide to the types of lamps that you should install in the different rooms of your house.

Types Of Lamp Lights

Living Room Lamps

This is the area that you and your guests will be spending most of your time. As rule of thumb, ensure the lamps installed to compliment the look of the room. There are many types of lamps one can go with: floor, table, and accent lighting. One should use floor lamps as the main sources of ambient lighting and table lamps for filler light.When You have photos or art pieces that you would like to be seen at night; you should use accent lighting.

Bedroom Lampsdhbdvhb

If you don’t have overhead lights in your bedroom, use floor lamps. It’s also wise that you install bedside lamps. In addition to complimenting the look of the house, also ensure that they are smaller than those in the living room. To avoid the asymmetrical look ensure that the table lamp doesn’t overwhelm the nightstand that you place it on.

Lamps For Home Office

Just like in your workplace office, you need to have an uncluttered office space for you to work effectively. To have plenty of working space, you should place only one lamp on your office table. To maintain a simple look go with lamps that have a simple style. You should also ensure that the lamp compliments the home. This is to create a less obstructive and distracting look.

Factors To Consider When Buying Lamps

dgdvdgvIn addition to ensuring that lamp compliments the look of your house, you also need to consider other factors. One of the factors to consider is the color of the base and broad shade. The two should have the same color or be of complimentary colors.

When using the lamps remember that you are dealing with electricity; therefore, you should exercise caution. To protect the lampshade from getting burnt ensure that the lampshade is a good distance from the light bulb. Also, ensure that the switch isn’t in contact with the bulb. The shape of the lamp is of great importance. For a great look ensure that the shape compliments the look of your house.